In her solo project, Laura Nucha accompanies herself on the guitar, adding her unique touch to a variety of old and new pieces. Exploring diverse music styles beyond soul and blues, she draws inspiration from anything authentic that resonates with her. Laura's vocal range, spanning from sweet to rugged tones, consistently captivates and astonishes her audience.


She prefers to perform with other musicians to give her music more breadth. With Siro Andrea by her side, a fantastic guitarist who helps enchant the audience. The lightness of being and the dance between reality and fantasy are noticeably anchored in their music.

The duo aims to tell stories, seduce, and provoke, adding depth and intrigue to their performances.


She has also dedicated herself to fire dancing. In doing so, she explores various forms of movement and combines them in her improvisational performances. The culmination of these presentations is the skillful play with fire, where she masterfully incorporates elements of fire dancing to create captivating and visually impressive performances.


With her band, she conquers festival stages, creating multilingual sonic landscapes influenced by Latin Rock, Funk, Reggae, Jazz, and elements of Progressive Rock. The live shows impress with a floating lightness paired with intoxicating energy, akin to the tides of the sea.